Bill Gates: We still don’t know the reason COVID-19 patients aren’t high in Africa.

While developed nations are still fighting heavily with the covid-19 pandemic, Microsoft founder Bill gates said it is unclear why this is so.


 Bill  Gates admits he was wrong about covid-19 in Africa


 The co-founder of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has contributed immensely to Healthcare in Africa. He is glad that his predictions were wrong about the COVID-19 hike in Africa. According to him.


“A thing I’m glad to have been proved wrong about, for now, was the fear that COVID-19 pandemic would affect greatly developing countries, especially Africa”. As of today, this hasn’t come to pass. We have seen that most African nations, for instance, COVID-19 cases and mortality rates are fewer than in western countries like the UK, US, and Germany. 


They are at the same level as New Zealand, which has gotten a lot of attention for its swift and excellent curbing of the country's virus. Gates said further, “there isn't adequate data to let us understand why these numbers aren’t as high as predicted ” — However,  Bill gave some reasons he thinks Africa has low COVID-19 figures. 


Key reasons Bill Gates thinks Africa has low COVID-19 rates


In his opinion, Gates stated that it could be because some Africa nations initiated an early lock down. Also, In most parts of Africa, it could be that they have a young population when compared with other continent. As developed by doctors, it should be expected that young people be less susceptible to COVID-19. 


Furthermore, a crucial reason maybe because of its vast rural community which spends much time outside. By spending much time outdoors, it is more difficult for the virus to spread. It could also be that the real figures are higher than what is widely reported because the medical care systems in these nations are making it difficult to get the actual statistics of COVID-19 patients. He hopes this is not so.


It takes a lot of courage for Gates to admit he is wrong, still, Africans hope the COVID-19 figures get lower. 

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