French police officers were shot dead after attending to domestic call cases

The crime rate in France seems unabated as officers were shot in a town near Paris.

Police officers shot while responding to a domestic plea

“It was a sad day for me”. Paris police department has some of their officers were fatally shot on Wednesday morning while responding to a domestic distress call in mainland France, according to several reports.


This sad incident occurred at a house in a remote town beside Saint-Just, 350 miles south-east of Paris. An unidentified woman, who is the alleged victim of the violence, went to hide on the roof of their home and made a call to the police for help.  The house was set ablaze by the assailant. Luckily the woman was saved. Three of the departments' officers who responded to the call were shot dead by the gunman, while another officer was injured, but his injuries were mild.


The unidentified shooter ran away from the scene but was allegedly found dead in his car. 


Police give more information on the dead policeman and killer


 The policemen killed in the tragic scene are  Brig Arno Marvel, 22, Lt Cyrille Morel, 44, and Adjutant Rémi Dupuis, 36, according to the police chief.The gunman has been confirmed to be 49 years old, and he has at least two previous crime cases involving non-payment of child maintenance and battery.  


French Prime Minister Jean Castex, while talking about the incident on social media, said


"This tragedy affects everyone in the country, and we all mourn this incident as a country. I also share the sadness of the police officer loved ones and assure the French police officers of my unwavering backing to reduce crime in the country.”

 At a press conference, France's interior minister Gérald Darmanin said the suspected shooter was a deranged man and maniac. He said:

"My presence is to give my condolences to the families of the three officers who were shot," he tweeted. "The whole country is grieving. We will never forget people who protect us by risking their own lives.

Police are still investigating the cause of the attack on the officers.