What are the different types of web hosting ?

In order to have a high-performance website, it is first of all essential to choose the right web hosting. For this purpose, different types of web hosting are available. You are planning to launch the creation of a website very soon, but you would like to learn more in order to know which type of hosting to choose? What are the different types of hosting available?

VPS hosting

Virtual server hosting is a type of hosting that consists in creating several virtual servers on a physical server.  In this case, you do not have a physical machine, but rather a virtual machine installed on a server. The advantage with the VPS server is that it can be customized. Indeed, you have the possibility to choose the exact characteristics (RAM, processor, etc.) you need for your server. Are you looking for a Hong kong vps hosting? More info on a specialized site.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is the most common type of hosting. In this case, several websites share the same host. Shared hosting is the cheapest on the market. The monthly cost is on average 5 euros. Moreover, it is very easy to set up and will suit you perfectly if you are just doing routine tasks on your site or if you keep a blog.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting or dedicated server is hosting that provides you with a real physical server. In this case, your website benefits from a server of its own. You even have the possibility to go to the data center to see it. Dedicated hosting will allow you to keep control over all your data and software. Moreover, unlike shared hosting, it is perfectly suited for high-traffic websites.

Cloud hosting

The cloud is a type of hosting in which you have access to several servers all together forming a network. Cloud hosting has the particularity of adapting to any type of use. The system is designed so that you only use what you need for the operation of your website. You will therefore only have to pay for what you have used. The cloud is also an excellent way for you to protect your website against cyber-attacks such as DDODS attacks.

To choose the right type of web hosting, you will only have to consider what you really need for your website.