What to visit in the incredible city of paris

France oh France current world champion of soccer France is one of the biggest economic and political power of this world. We will be interested in 105,4 kmĀ² of this country. Yes, we will be interested in the city of love, and we will give you all the places to visit for your next trip to Paris.

Love shines everywhere.

The city of love par excellence will be happy to welcome you and your loved one for your honeymoon or even for your first romantic trip. You will probably want to visit the bridge of love. Indeed, the city of Paris has a bridge nicknamed the bridge of love but do not go there empty-handed there is a small tradition that you will undoubtedly envy to do. Buy a padlock or buy it on the spot write your name and your partner's name on the padlock now place the padlock on the bridge lock it and throw the key in the river below you just sealed your love. Paris also has a Disneyland who does not like Disney: that is sufficient reason to visit Paris.

Paris and Art.

The city of Paris is not only for lovers. Art lovers can also find their happiness here. This city is home to the LOUVRE, one of the most prestigious art galleries in the world. You will surely find your happiness among the more than 35,000 works of art that the Louvre contains.

Paris and history

Historian and historians, the castle of Versailles is waiting for you impatiently. You will love to let yourself be shaken by the incredible history of the events that took place in this castle. Contrary to this luminous castle, if you are an amateur of dark stories, Paris allows you to go down into its depths in order to visit its catacombs, yes you can visit the infamous catacombs of Paris. Then see you later in Paris.